Month: March 2016

Configure the Connections IBM HTTP Server as a reverse Proxy

Open the httpd.conf. Uncomment the following lines Add a new Virtual Host entry.  

Keep an X-Page in Memory

Evreybody knows that starting an XPage for the first time takes some time. Using the Notes.ini parameter for preloading the xpages can become slightly difficult if you have a lot of apps. My solution is quite simple Place this file

IBM Connections – Wiki RichText editor missing

After installing Connections 5.5 and migrating the content, the wikis would no longer be editable. The richtext editor would not load. The newly created lab environment without any customizations/data worked. After digging around the system, I found that we had

IBM Connections – Show My iFix

I’m not able to remember the syntax for the command to show which iFixes are installed. So I just wrote this¬†¬† just adjust the variables in it to your own environment. Use at your own risk.

Some blog pictures not shown after Migration

After I migrated our Connections from 5 CR3 to 5.5 some of the blog images were missing. Resolving the issue: Step 1: compare the [ConnectionsData]shared/blogs directory on both servers. Compare a single blog you could just need to know the

Connections Data side by side Migration 5.0 CR3 to 5.5 – Files issues

Today I did a test migration of our productive Connections 5.0 CR3 environment using the instructions in the IBM Knowledge Center for a side by side migration. Using rsync to copy all the shared files to the new Connections server

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IBM Docs 2.0

If you have the following errors in your docs SystemOut.log error when executing SQL:SELECT * FROM “CONCORDDB”.”DOC_HISTORY” WHERE “REPO_ID” = ? and “URI” = ? [jcc][10150][10300][3.65.110] Invalid parameter: Unknown column name DOC_ID. ERRORCODE=-4460, SQLSTATE=null or if sometimes the docs

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