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IBM Connections 6 – Disable Guided Tour

Thanks to IBM Support: To disable the Guided Tours, perform the following steps: 1) Log in to Connections as a user that is mapped to the Admin role for the Common application. 2) Navigate to URL https://[fqdn]/connections/config/highway.main.gatekeeper.tiles 3) Set these

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Win 10 – VPN – Offline Folders

What a nice tools, these offline folders are. Synching some network folders locally to the laptop, so they are available, while I’m offline. The fun starts the moment when I try to synchronize them from outside. Getting the offline folders

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IBM Connections – Deleted Folders workaround

Deleted folders don’t go to the trash in Connections 5 and 5.5. Getting them back from the db backup can take some time. If you just need to know which files have been in a particular folder to recreate it,

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Orient Me – 95%

The installation process for the orient me part in connections was interessting. The installer sets up its own IBM CFC (Spectrum Conductor for Containers) environment complete with docker and kubernetes. I went through all the config steps and soon had

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Change the touchpoint policy url and more

Have a look at the touchpoint/js/touchpoint.js file. Find the var  config={} section and change the values in the  privacyAndGuidelines: {}. You can also change the default language here. Run touchpoint/nls/ script to create the de-ch, de-at,etc. resources… If you have configured

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Connections 6 – TouchPoint and OrientMe

Installing Connections 6 in the lab was business as usual. If you have installed connections 5 or 5.5, it’s no big difference. The fun part starts when you go for orientme or touchpoint.              

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Domino FP8 – Update Reminder

Note to myself After applying the Domino 9.0.1 FP8 put the java.pol back on the server (jvm\lib\security } grant { permission; };

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IC 360 – Social Business Apps

Last week we had an interesting presentation about the IC 360 . There  are some really cool additions to Connections. Some of the features we saw Import and export of communities Print a wiki as PDF Migrate a community from internal

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IBM Connections – Invite to my network

Recently we got the request to improve the businesscard. before:               after:               Send Email has been replaced with Invite to My Network. Send Email is still available

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Sonar Qube is bad…

… for your ego. Recently I discovered the code analyzer Sonar Qube with it’s eclipse plugin SonarLint. When I uploaded my latest , perfect Java project, it revealed a lot of issues and possible problems. It took some effort to

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