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IBM Connections Systemd on Centos / RHEL 7

Starting Deployment Manager as a SystemD Service. Save the code below to /etc/systemd/system/dmgr.service [Unit] Description=”Connections Deployment Manager” Requires=network.service [Service] User=connections ExecStart=/opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/bin/ ExecStop=/opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/bin/ PIDFile=/opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/logs/dmgr/ Type=forking Restart=no TimeoutStartSec=6000 TimemoutStopSec=600 LimitNOFILE=60000 LimitNPROC=12500 [Install] Enable dmgr at boot time: systemctl enable dmgr.service

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Connections – Mass file removal

I got a request to cleanup some files in a IBM Connections environment. Remove all the files created before 1.1.2015. Getting the list of files is easy. connect to files@ export to files.csv of del modified by nochardel select hex(ID),

Connections Customizer Lite

As we are currently only using the Customizer from the stack formerly known as pink (sfkap) I was suprised to find the Customizer Lite in the downloads. As my connections 6 lab is running with the sfkap I decided to

IBM Customizer – Do not reboot the worker node – personal reminder

Rule #1: Drain the worker node before a reboot. Consequences if you do not follow the Rule #1: the mongo-db gets corrupt and you need to repair it.Steps to repair the customizer DB: delete the contents in mongo-node-0, mongo-node-1 and mongo-node-2’s

IBM Component Pack upgrade Kubernetes 1.11.1 to 1.11.5

According to this cve There’s a potential issue with kubernetes 1.11.1 which is used in the component pack So I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the kubernetes version to the patched point release 1.11.5. The long

XPage partial refresh stopped working after upgrade to Domino 10

We updated our servers to domino 10. Suddenly one app did not work any more. After digging around I found this helpfull page in stackoverflow The solution is as easy as putting xsp.error.disable.0380=true in the xsp properties

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Domino Query Language – personal reminder

DQL uses space as a sparator at the moment a) view.form=’MyForm’ is not the same as b) view.form = ‘MyForm’ => a) does not work…

IBM Connections Component Pack – reveal the elasticsearch secret

In order to combine elasticsearch and Connections you need some of the elasticsearch certificates. With version < those certificates could be found in /opt/certs. With the latest release, they are created directly into your kubernetes cluster. With this simple

IBM Component Pack – quest for the missing elasticsearchsecret

Now the Customizer is up and running. Now I tried to put the elasticsearch stack. Following the IBM documentation, I was able to add a new worker node, dedicated solely for elasticsearch. Putting the additional images in my dockerregistry, installing

IBM Connections Component Pack 6 Installation – Customizer

Today I tried to install a small POC environment for the Customizer only. 1 master node and 2 workers. Following the IBM documentation is straight forward. In my POC I relied on the Deploying a non-HA Kubernetes platform path. I