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XPage partial refresh stopped working after upgrade to Domino 10

We updated our servers to domino 10. Suddenly one app did not work any more. After digging around I found this helpfull page in stackoverflow The solution is as easy as putting xsp.error.disable.0380=true in the xsp properties

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Domino Query Language – personal reminder

DQL uses space as a sparator at the moment a) view.form=’MyForm’ is not the same as b) view.form = ‘MyForm’ => a) does not work…

Hidden Design in XPages App

I’ve never been a fan of hidden design in Domino databases. If someone can read my Lotusscript code and understand what it does…. he has earned it… 🙂 Recently I got this XPage / Servlet app as an ntf with

Domino FP8 – Update Reminder

Note to myself After applying the Domino 9.0.1 FP8 put the java.pol back on the server (jvm\lib\security } grant { permission; };

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OpenNTF JUnit integration – nice

I used the Openntf Junit plugin the first time today. I was really surprised how easy it is to use and how fast it was integrated in my current project. Setup instructions. With JUnit integrated this way I’m able to

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Nginx Proxy for Domino – err_connection_refused

I like the nginx server. Easy to install, simple configuration file. I built a new Development VM with Domino 9 and installed nginx on it. Changed the Domino’s http port to 8088. restarted it, tested it. worked. Removed the nginx

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Session As Signer – Note to myself

If this code returns Null Then your code might have been signed by different user / servers.. Just sign it with your user ID and try again.

Keep an X-Page in Memory

Evreybody knows that starting an XPage for the first time takes some time. Using the Notes.ini parameter for preloading the xpages can become slightly difficult if you have a lot of apps. My solution is quite simple Place this file

Nice HTML Newsletter from a Domino Server

Requirement 1: Marketing wants to send a newsletter. Solution: Create a new ID and a new Mailbox for marketing, teach them how they can use the mailbox. Solved. Requirement 2: Marketing wants to send newsletters to a huge list of

New Year – new error messages

Today I encountered a new error message in the IBM Notes designer.  Here’s the technote. I like these easily understandable error messages….