After installing Connections 5.5 and migrating the content, the wikis would no longer be editable. The richtext editor would not load.
The newly created lab environment without any customizations/data worked.
After digging around the system, I found that we had the some additional ckeditor widgets activated in the wikis.
Removing the file from /ConnectionsData/shared/customization/javascript/lconn/wikis/ckeditor.js and restarting common and wikis app resolved the issue.


I’m not able to remember the syntax for the command to show which iFixes are installed.
So I just wrote this  just adjust the variables in it to your own environment.
Use at your own risk.

After I migrated our Connections from 5 CR3 to 5.5 some of the blog images were missing.

Resolving the issue:

Step 1: compare the [ConnectionsData]shared/blogs directory on both servers.
Compare a single blog you could just need to know the ID. for example 4b399954-c36a-4b8e-b281-0ad62937a83c. Then you would go to
[ConnectionsData]/shared/blogs/upload/4/b/3/4b399954-c36a-4b8e-b281-0ad62937a83c directory and compare the number of files
ls -l |wc -l
Source and migrated directory contained the same files.

Step 2: check if the missing pictures have umlaute or special characters.
if this is the case, then there might be the following line missing in .bashrc
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8



Today I did a test migration of our productive Connections 5.0 CR3 environment using the instructions in the IBM Knowledge Center for a side by side migration.
Using rsync to copy all the shared files to the new Connections server worked ok.
Createing the 5.0CR3 database and migrate all the DB2 data to the new server went well.
Then I created the missing PushNotification database using the 5.5 Day 1 DBWizard and afterwards updated the existing db’s. The wizard reported an error upgrading the files db. Running the wizard again showed that the files db was already on 5.5.
Starting connections and testing the deployment showed that I was not able to open the files. And some errors in the files servers systemOut.log. So I decided to redo the db2 migration from scratch.
This time I updated all the databases except the files. Running the wizard to update only the files db failed again. This time I went through the log.
The error  “DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement…..” while dropping some triggers appeared several times and exit value was 4.
Fortunatly I stored the SQL commands for the update when I ran the dbWizard. I ran the appGrants.sql, reorg.sql, updateStats.sql and pns-dropDb.sql from connections.sql/files/db2 directory.

The result is that the files are now available in connections.






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If you have the following errors in your docs SystemOut.log

error when executing SQL:SELECT * FROM “CONCORDDB”.”DOC_HISTORY” WHERE “REPO_ID” = ? and “URI” = ? [jcc][10150][10300][3.65.110] Invalid parameter: Unknown column name DOC_ID. ERRORCODE=-4460, SQLSTATE=null

or if sometimes the docs displays a “Conversion server not available” error although the viewer displays the file.

Then maybe you have forgotten to upgrade the DB Schema while updateing Docs. Running the / upgradeSchema.bat is your friend.

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If you ever need to get a list of community names and their community uuid out of connections, you can open your SQL Browser and connect to the communities database and try to get the info out of the tables.

Or you can open wsadmin.

wsadmin>for cd in commList;
wsadmin> print cd.get(“name”)+”;”+cd.get(“uuid”)


Important: Don’t forget the space after the > in this line: wsadmin> print cd.get(“name”)+”;”+cd.get(“uuid”)




Problem: The activity stream for @mentions keeps loading on a users homepage.  For other users, the activity stream loads as usual.

Steps for troubleshooting:

Login as the user in Firefox and opening the WebDeveloper you see the following messages in the Console.Auswahl_004

Second error message is Error: Invalid template

The JSON gets loaded by the URL https://[FQDN]/connections/opensocial/rest/activitystreams/@me/@all/@all .

Copy the JSON into a decent viewer for example JsonEditor Online and search for the ID in my case it was 99e81c4d-Auswahl_005

If I try to open the URL in a browser I got an error: Page not found. Testing some other URLs from the JSON. They all open other JSON streams.







Resolving the Issue:

open your SQL Client of choice. for example DB2 Data Studio. Connect to the homepage db.

Remove the content under @Mentions

Remove the Content under My Activities




Requirement 1: Marketing wants to send a newsletter.

Solution: Create a new ID and a new Mailbox for marketing, teach them how they can use the mailbox. Solved.

Requirement 2: Marketing wants to send newsletters to a huge list of customers.

Solution: Improve the mailbox, so stationaries can be sent to a list of email addresses, in blocks of 100 each, so the provider does not mark us as spammers. Solved.

Requirement 3: Marketing wants to send nice looking newsletters to a huge list of customers.

Solution: Improve the agent, so it can send HTML files as MIME Mails using the NotesMime* classes. Solved.

Requirement 4: Marketing wants to send nice looking newsletters with pictures to a huge list of customers.

Analyisis: HTML from Marketing contains links to pictures on the internet/intranet. The script from requirement 3 would have to parse the html file, download all the images and replace the img src’s with the right cid’s and embedded these images in the mail.

Solution: Implementing Apache Commons Email Client the ImageHtmlEmail class does all the parsing, downloading and img tag updateing.
To run the agent on the server 2 jar files (javax.mail.jar, commons-email-1.4.jar) needs to be placed in the /jvm/lib/ext/ folder (otherwise you might have to fiddle around with the java.pol file) because the email client stores the images in the local temp directory. Restart the server/client so the jar’s get loaded.

The SMTP task needs to running and properly configured to allow connections.


Today I encountered a new error message in the IBM Notes designer.

Auswahl_635 Here’s the technote.

I like these easily understandable error messages….

I finally managed to launch the first Connections 5.5 in our test environment.

The new design is finally responsive.



Some cool features

  • 64 bit Installation Manager can now be used under RHEL
  • Installer adjusts the JVM Heapsize
  • Installer can map the applications to webserver during installation.
  • Responsive design
  • Desktop notifications – if someone sends you an @mention you’ll get directly notified when you’re logged in.
  • Rich Content App – a new widget for community managers. They are now able to create rich content in the center column or the sidebar without disturbing an admin.

Next steps is to migrate our productive Connections 5 ..