Returning to the office, checking the IBM Fix Central … over 6GB of iFix’s for Connections 5.5 available…. Download started…

Yesterday I had some fun installing an iFix in IBM Connections 5 CR3.
After mastering the long parameters for the, there was an error reported.

Going through the log I discovered the error

Failed to perform extraction.

If it can’t extract the files then something with the tmp folder must be wrong. I checked the /tmp/efixes directory, if the current user has enough rights to update the files there and I cleaned the folder from previous fixes.

Starting the again, resulted in the same error message. Checking the file permissions again. Restarting the installer… still the same error.

Finally I tried to install the iFix with the This did the trick, because in one step it verifies the wasadmin account… Looking at my updateSilent commandline I finally discovered a typo in the password. Correcting that and everything installed smoothly.

Finally we received the fix for a tiny, nasty bug in IBM Connections 5 CR2 / CR3.

Sometimes a the folder list within communities does not work. It just displayed a blank screen.