Connections 6.5 – Invite first impressions

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Yesterday we upgraded our productive environment from Connections 6.0 CR6 to 6.5. This time we decided to do an in-place update. Updateing the base from WAS to and 6.0 CR6 to 6.5 would have taken around 2 hours of downtime in our case. Because we had an invalid proxy-config.tpl file (our fault), which broke the install process, it took 4h. Next time we should check the xml files first…

Today was “Invite” testing day. Combining the infos in the selfregistration-config.xml file and the hcl info we’ve been able to do the first tests.
Our current external users implementation, domino with an external directory does not fit for the new invite feature. The feature relies on ldap. It writes the user to ldap and then to the profiles. I’ve not been able to force the LDAP task to create the new user in my secondary directory.
I’ve now setup an openldap server for the external users.
If you do not want to handle openldap there’s a Domino way

As an external user I’m not able to change my password at the moment, but I expect this to be possible in a future update. The workaround would be to use the “reset guest password” workflow on the login page.

One thing I had to change in AppSrv01/installedApps/[cell]/Invite.ear/invite.war/pages/register.jsp:
add readonly=”true” to the [input id=”mail”…/] field, so the invited users are no longer able to change their email addresses.

Do NOT USE UMLAUTE in invite !!!!!