IC 360 – Social Business Apps

Last week we had an interesting presentation about the IC 360 . There  are some really cool additions to Connections.
Some of the features we saw

  • Import and export of communities
  • Print a wiki as PDF
  • Migrate a community from internal <-> external
  • Find experts with the Expertise Locater
  • Touchpoint – tool to help with the initial sign in / profile process
  • and much more….

There are some videos on the IBM Support Channel


Connections Data side by side Migration 5.0 CR3 to 5.5 – Files issues

Today I did a test migration of our productive Connections 5.0 CR3 environment using the instructions in the IBM Knowledge Center for a side by side migration.
Using rsync to copy all the shared files to the new Connections server worked ok.
Createing the 5.0CR3 database and migrate all the DB2 data to the new server went well.
Then I created the missing PushNotification database using the 5.5 Day 1 DBWizard and afterwards updated the existing db’s. The wizard reported an error upgrading the files db. Running the wizard again showed that the files db was already on 5.5.
Starting connections and testing the deployment showed that I was not able to open the files. And some errors in the files servers systemOut.log. So I decided to redo the db2 migration from scratch.
This time I updated all the databases except the files. Running the wizard to update only the files db failed again. This time I went through the log.
The error  “DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement…..” while dropping some triggers appeared several times and exit value was 4.
Fortunatly I stored the SQL commands for the update when I ran the dbWizard. I ran the appGrants.sql, reorg.sql, updateStats.sql and pns-dropDb.sql from connections.sql/files/db2 directory.

The result is that the files are now available in connections.