Fiddling with gradle

I’m getting more and more into the Java World at the moment. Switching from pure Domino to pure Java. Outside of Domino, there’s a lot about manageing dependencies. The freedom of choice is paid by work to beat different runtimes.
Looking for a decent tool to help managing dependencies I came across Ant, Maven and Gradle.
Ant I new from the past. It’s ok but seems to be a lot of code to write and it’s XML…
Maven? Seems that I’m not smart enough.
I was not able to setup a working multi project setup without installing my sub projects in a repository. And it’s XML too.
Gradle, the youngest among these three, groovy based. After reading through some tutorials, and combing through stackoverflow I was able to setup my multi-project build,
with integratopm into my eclipse environment.

Even a Vaadin client is compiling with the right plugin. So I was not forced to use the Vaadin eclipse plugin at all. One thing I was not happy, the Vaadin plugin compiles some JavaDoc and Sources into my final EAR.

Step 1: Remove the JavaDoc and Sources from the deployment descriptor

withXml {
def javaDocNode = asNode().module.find { it.ejb.text().contains('javadoc.jar') }
if (javaDocNode) {
asNode().remove( javaDocNode )
def sourceNode = asNode().module.find{it.ejb.text().contains('sources.jar') }
if (sourceNode) {


Step 2: Removing the actual Jar’s from the EAR

This page  helped me creating the following block

task removeJars (dependsOn:'ear'){
description 'Entferne unnötige Source und JavaDoc Jars'

doLast {
	if (Os.isFamily(Os.FAMILY_UNIX)){
	println "Entferne unnötige Source und JavaDoc Jars"
	 exec {
  		executable "zip"
  		args "-d", "build/libs/${project.archivesBaseName}-${project.version}.ear", "*-${project.version}-sources.jar"
     exec {
     	executable "zip"
  		args "-d", "build/libs/${project.archivesBaseName}-${project.version}.ear", "*-${project.version}-javadoc.jar"
 		println "get Linux!"


Now I can build my EAR by simply calling gradle assemble removeJars