Connections Communites – Default Membership – Default Following

A long time ago, on a server far, far away….
There was this Connections Community everybody had to be a member, as there would be most important news posted there. And though shall not only be a member of that community no though shall follow it wherever the community may roam.

I accepted the quest and prepared for a long journey through the internet. From the depth of the IBM Infocenter and other resources I brought back an Assembly Line and some shell scripts.
And all was fine, quest completed, I thought. Creeping back to my cave to find some rest.

Short after I finished the quest I heard a cry. It was demanded to add another community which everybody has to be part of. And some communities you should not be able to not follow or even leave.

My crystal ball revealed that there will be more changes and new communities in the future.
This led me to the decision to throw away Assembly lines and scripts and rebuild the processes with a proper UI.
Soon I’ll be able to delegate that work to my principals and find some rest in my beloved cave….