HCL Connections Activities Plus

Ran into a small issue with the activities plus. If you only want to install the activities plus in your test kubernetes cluster and you dont want to upload all images, then you will fail.

the support/setupImages.sh script has 2 errors in it.

  1. it does not recognize the parameter kudos-boards. ./setupImages.sh -st kudos-boards …. will fail. You need to change the line ‘starter_stack_options=’ and add ‘kudos-boards’ to the list.
  2. if you only run setupImages.sh -st kudos-boards it will not push all the required stuff. you need at least to run it with -st customizer,kudos-boards
    or change the #infra block in setupImages.sh to

            # Infra
            if [[ ${STARTER_STACKS} =~ "customizer" ]] || [[ ${STARTER_STACKS} =~ "orientme" ]] || [[ ${STARTER_STACKS} =~ "kudos-boards" ]]; then
                    arr=(haproxy.tar mongodb-rs-setup.tar mongodb.tar redis-sentinel.tar redis.tar appregistry-client.tar appregistry-service.tar)
                    for f in "${arr[@]}"; do
                            setup_image $f

I don’t like the default persistentVolume paths /pv-connections. I use /data for my test environment.
This needs a small tweak in the boards-cp.yaml file:

    persistentVolumePath: data