Connections 6.0 CR 5: ICM (mail plugin) vs. Wikis

We are running Connections 6.0 CR5 with the Mail / calendar Plugin.
The plugin is officially not supported.

One issue we ran into is that the wiki page looses its header as soon as we create or edit a page.
The connections menu would appear below the page. Only a page refresh would bring the menu back to the top.

Analyzing the page source revealed, that the lotusMain was placed before the banner.

To fix this you need to alter the javascript. Always make a backup! Test it first. Use the following on your own risk:
It’s in the file shared/provision/webresources/[XY].jar
unzip it
edit the file resources\scenes.js at line 1792 replace

Repack everything to the same filename[XY].jar and use it to replace the one in the webresources.

As this is a javascript change you need to update the versionstamp, stop your nodes, clean the websphere temp directories and any cacheing proxies, before the change takes effect.
As stated before. use at your own risk.