IBM Connections – Invite to my network

Recently we got the request to improve the businesscard.
















Send Email has been replaced with Invite to My Network.

Send Email is still available under More Actions. But who really clicks on More Actions ?


How to:

First you have to check out the configuration. See the knowledge center and this for details. The businessCardInfo.ftl only contains the content of the businesscard (picture, name, email,…) but not the actions.
Copy just the Invite to My Network link in the content does not work. Once a person is in your network, the invitation link should dissapear. Digging through the Profiles.ear files also revealed no usefull insights.

Going throught the profiles config as described here I just had to change the order.

Now the Invite to my Network action is the first. Checked the config back in. Restarted profiles.. Hurray…

It’s just a small change, but it makes the Invite to My Network more visible…



Sonar Qube is bad…

… for your ego.

Recently I discovered the code analyzer Sonar Qube with it’s eclipse plugin SonarLint.
When I uploaded my latest , perfect Java project, it revealed a lot of issues and possible problems.
It took some effort to correct the issues and make Sonar Qube happy. To my surprise the code seems to be cleaner and easier to understand.

Superhuman developers do make errors and they know it.